Triggar has partnered with some of the largest brands in the world to bring traditional film, virtual reality, augmented reality and facial recognition ideas to life for audiences of millions.  We love to hear your ideas and collaborate on the best ways to inspire your audience.


Tasked by Samsung to create the 4D experience for the Rogue One VR trailer, Triggar also produced a unique haptic VR StarWars experience utilizing a 4DX haptic chair.  Inside an X-Wing, the viewer experiences the full visual of light-speed as the chair moves synchronized to the dips and turns of flying through space.


Triggar was commissioned to create a camera system and direct the cinematography for this video with surfer

Mark Mathews. This piece was used in promotion of the new Point Break film and was screened globally.


Airbus commissioned Triggar to create a 360 camera system to withstand over 15gs of force aboard the Maxus 9 rocket and record it's trip above the stratosphere. The camera system was able to capture takeoff, a beautiful view of Lapland as the rocket ascends, then spectacular views of the Planet and Space once it reaches its highest altitude of 700km, before the payload falls free back down to earth, and completes its’ parachute-assisted touchdown.


Take a 360-degree view of a boat drop from Amphibious Ship, HMAS Canberra. Scroll around or grab a cardboard for the full immersive VR experience.