Built in the gaming engine Unity The Triggar Apps feature set includes:

  • Live stream or on-demand video

  • 2D or 3D 16x9 & 360 video

  • Virtual buttons & hotspots

  • Timeline point of view controls

  • Cloud transcoding to support multiple devices

  • TCODED Private channels

  • Ambisonic Sound

AR /VR Cloud

Our white label Apps & CMS enable you to fast track delivery of your experiences. 

  • Live stream or download video in 2D or 3D on 16x9 or 360

  • Gazeable Virtual buttons & hotspot

  • Timeline point of view controls

  • Live Content management - no app updates needed to refresh content 

The Triggar Cloud is defining the future of entertainment empowering brands, enterprise and government agencies alike to leverage cutting edge technology and fasttrack delivery.

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